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Maine Lobster Roll Kit - Serves 5

Maine Lobster Roll Kit - Serves 5

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  • Complete Lobster Roll Kit
  • 1 lb Perfectly Cooked Maine Lobster Meat (CK)
  • 6 New England Style Top Split Buns
  • Butter for Toasting Buns
  • Your Choice of Seasoned Lemon Butter or Spicy Honey Sauce
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    Angie's Lobster Roll Kit comes with everything you need to enjoy delicious Maine Lobster Rolls right from the comfort of your home! In our lobster roll kit, you get 16 oz of Premium Maine Lobster meat and 6 New England Style split buns.

    One bag of Angie's Premium Lobster meat allows you to serve up to six rolls, but we believe five rolls per bag is the perfect ratio of bun to lobster! 

    Do you have a big party coming up? You can order up to 2 Lobster roll kits (serves up to 12) with the same shipping fees.

    Keep the rest sealed in the freezer to maximize flavor and shelf life, and enjoy another time!

      All items should remain frozen until you are ready to thaw and use. Allow ingredients to thaw in the refrigerator for 24 hours before preparation. Once lobster meat is thawed, please use it within four days.

      Included in the 5 Roll Kit:

      • Maine Steam-cooked and Flash-frozen Lobster Meat: 1-pound bag
      • New England Style split buns: 6 count
      • Butter (for buns): 2 packets
      • Seasoned Lemon Butter (for lobster): 6 packets
      • Spicy Honey Sauce (included only if you order Spicy Honey): 6 regular packets or 2 large packets (both equal six servings)

      Included in the 10 Roll Kit:

      • Maine Steam-cooked and Flash-frozen Lobster Meat: two 1-pound bags
      • New England Style split buns: 12 count
      • Butter (for buns): 4 packets
      • Seasoned Lemon Butter (for lobster): 12 packets
      • Spicy Honey Sauce (included only if you order Spicy Honey): 12 regular packets or 4 large packets (both equal twelve servings)

      We believe each one-pound bag of lobster meat makes five perfect-sized lobster rolls, but we’ve included an extra bun and seasoned lemon butter packet if you’d prefer to make six smaller, but still amazing, lobster rolls!

      To Prepare Your Bun:

      1. Empty both plain butter packets into a skillet and place on medium-high heat.
      2. Once your butter is melted and pan is hot, toast both sides of your buns until golden brown.
      3. Place your toasted and buttered buns on a plate

      To Prepare Your Spicy Honey (skip this step if you ordered the Lemon Butter Kit):

      1. Allow the Spicy Honey packets to reach room temperature before use (in a crunch, warm for a few seconds in the microwave)

      To Cook the Lobster Meat (Connecticut Style):

      1. Warm all your packets of seasoned lemon butter in a small bowl and set aside. Later, you can choose to pour each warm packet onto each roll individually or add to sautéed lobster.
      2. Bring a skillet to medium heat and sauté the lobster meat for 30 - 60 seconds until
        warm, flipping as necessary. 
      3. Pour warm seasoned lemon butter into the pan with your lobster meat and stir together. Alternatively, you can choose to pour each warm packet onto each
        prepared lobster roll individually.

      To Assemble Your Lobster Rolls:

      1. Portion about 1/5 of the lobster meat for each roll, gently stuffing the meat into the bun.
      2. If you ordered the Spicy Honey Kit, use a small spoon to pour the Spicy Honey sauce over the lobster meat.
      3. Serve and Enjoy!

      To provide the most affordable lobster, orders west of the Mississippi will ship from our Phoenix distribution center and east of the Mississippi from our Maine plant. All orders placed before 2 PM EST Monday-Thursday will ship the same day. Orders placed after 2 PM EST Thursday (Including Friday-Sunday) will ship the following Monday. All orders under $149 will be charged a flat $30 shipping fee; orders of $149 or more will ship FREE!

      (At this time we are not able to ship to Alaska and Hawaii)

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 71 reviews

    So yummy! Great experience. Delivery fee was high. But I just ordered more lobster to get free shipping. It was that expensive that it was almost a wash


    Amazing !!!! We ordered 2 kits and they were delivered FREE next day air. We had them for 4th of July and everyone LOVED THEM! you cannot find authentic rolls nor good Maine lobster like this in Indy! Great buy- will be ordering again.

    Made my day

    I enjoyed the lobster kit. Arrived on time and every bite was satisfying

    Sheryl F
    very pleased

    the lobster was fantastic and appreciated the spiced butter too!

    Scott Ball

    Maine Lobster Roll Kit - Serves 5